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- Coral Island (Jul 20, 2008)

Our trip to Singapore and Bangkok Thailand

Natalie and I left July 9, 2008 for a 15.5 + 2.5 hour flight through Hong Kong on our way to Singapore. There we met up with the rest of my co-workers, the KWWWO Inc. team. We spent 7 days in Singapore followed by 4 days in Bangkok before heading back home through Hong Kong once again, onwards to Toronto.

The trip was made possible by the company owner, Kim. His generosity and kindness is quite unparalleled... I don't think we could ever properly express just how much we appreciated the opportunity to be able to travel to the other side of the world. Kim went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we experienced as much asian culture as possible.

Natalie and I tried so many kinds of foods, including very spicy szechuan, chile crab, durian and more... we learned about Singapore and Thailand's history and traditions and visited buildings and monuments that we thought we'd only ever see in pictures or movies. One such visit included seeing the emerald buddha... a truly precious and priceless statue. We also saw buddhist monks in their temple.

On top of the memories of asia, we also have fond new memories of the people we went there with... all quirky and unique, and every single one a perfect travelling companion. Our trip wouldn't have been half as enjoyable without the great group of people that we were lucky enough to share it with.

I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures I have on this site. Every single one of them is a cherished memory of ours and we're happy to share them with you.